Monday, May 21, 2012

Keep those wee eggs warm, with our wetfelted wee egg toque

Make your own darling egg toque with a little bhedawool, card board, tulle, bubble wrap and olive soap.

Step 1 - Simply cut out of the center of sturdy cardboard a triangle, 13cm bottom, 2 sides 28 cm each. Keep the outside pattern of the triangle in tact, creating a triangle window, and the inside triangle intact. you will be using both.
Step 2 - Using bubble wrap and a waterproof marker, draw the same triangle on the back of some bubble wrap. Turn bubble wrap over so the bubbles are on top.
Step 3 - Pull small thin tufts of felting wool out, placing them in a overlapping way,( like shingles) onto the triangle pattern on the bubble wrap, Over lapping the pattern by 3 to 4 cm. Let the wool go beyond the point of the triangle. this is what gives you the cute point on the finished egg warmer.
Lay down a second layer of wool on top of the first in a crosswise manner, then a third layer in the other direction over the second layer.
Step 4 - Place the outer triangle card board on top of the layers of wool. The triangle wool surface that will be felted remains visible. place tulle on top.
Step 5 -Dissolve some olive soap in hot water, making suds. Using your fingers sprinkle wool with soapy water, then rub gently to felt. add more water , rub more. you have to be careful when you rub. once you feel the wool is starting to stick to each other, remove tulle and out stencil.
Step 6 - Place the cut out triangle in center of wool, using as a guide fold the excess wool from sides towards the center, you should have a nice triangular shape, add 3 layers of  wool tufts going in opposite directions on this side of toque, this can go over the edges, Place outer triangle window on top with tulle over top of everything, carefully rub with olive soapy water.
Step 7 - Remove the tulle and stencil, turn work, and fold in dry wool from sides felt the dry wool around the cardboard center.You will have to repeat this process two more times, folding edges in adding more wool in overlapping layers, placing tulle on top with stencil, rubbing with soapy water. Once you are happy with the feel of the felted toque, it should be a solid piece of fabric, that is in the shape of a hat. remove the cardboard from center, rubbing any wool that is flying away.
Step 8 - Shaping top. simply wet hands and roll the top of the toque between your hands to felt the end........The more of these you make the easier they will get. You can adorn with needle felting, embroidery, beads, feathers...anything....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Needle Felting Crazy

Tina's felted purse with a fabulous Terra button
I am a firm believer that what ever craft you enjoy, you should not
only reap the benefits of a handmade project at the end, but the journey should be equally as fulfilling if not more. Needle felting is exactly that, its easy and fun and therapeutic. You can embellish knitted or crocheted purses, or needle felt a toy from scratch.The simple motion of poking your needle into the fleece as you matte it together takes away all the frustrations of the day, its almost a hypnotic state you get yourself into. The rhythm of the needle, plunging in and out, in and out........take that tax man. oops sorry, thats not what needle felting is suppose to be about! Needle felting is FUN, FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE. All you need is Bhedawool fleece, in a fabulous selection of colors, a needle felting tool, with replacement needles, ( they do break if you are taking your frustrations out on someone) and a pad. Thats it! 

Start with a knitted project, fleece or Fleece2felt on top of your pad,  layout your pattern with a different color of fleece. Then using your needle in an up and down motion poke your pattern into the base. Be very careful not to poke hurts!

Add more color to your design, poking in each layer to secure......

You can even needle felt yarn into a design

This little bird was needle felted with Fleece2felt...imagine the possibilities

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