Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wonderful World of Wope

Ok, What is Wope. Simply put its "Woolen Rope". This Super Chunky fun yarn is great to knit and crochet with, but its actually more fun to coil. I made this daisy (trivet) hot mat for my kitchen. Coiling is so easy. Just take a needle and thread, wind the "Wope"around on itself, sewing as you go. It only took an hour and very little "Wope" to make this fun project. Make it bigger for a wall hanging or table runner. Or go crazy and make a rug! I've also made jewlery and a lunch next project is to dig out my 60's macrame books and make a "Wope" hammock for my potaoes, I'll keep you posted on how that goes. Check out Living Crafts winter 2012 Magazine, for Fiona Duthies "Wope" coiled pot, oh so cute.
Coil "Wope" sewing each round as you go. Start with center of daisy.
Add petals of Daisy by simply coiling petal shape extending out from center, sewing as you go. Keep going around and around until you have built up the daisy shape
This is what your daisy will look like after you have done 5 rounds. I added a small green leaf at the end
I then added a green stem by simply sewing the "Wope" in a loop upon itself. How wonderful would it be to have three or four of these to place together for a large hot mat, or use separately for smaller pots. Oh so fun! 

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