Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hocus Pocus Lavender Witch

A Little Lavender to Sooth the Witch in all of us!

This darling witch has a secret lavender pouch in her skirt, to calm your nerves or scent your drawers
Enjoy Halloween by making  this cute little witch with the Pollika Lavender Witch kit.... Fragrant, Fun, Fast and Easy. This is the perfect project to teach a Brownie or Girl Guide simple sewing, or perhaps your grandchild.
Wonderful European 100% wool felt doll kit,supplies and instructions are included, just add a needle and scissors.
Simply cut out pattern.
Make head by rolling wool and binding
Sew Nose into place.
Cover head with wonderful doll tricot, embroider eyes in place, sew hands on bendable pipe cleaner.
Sew a cute little coat with 100% wool felt and blanket stitch
Her skirt becomes a pouch to put dried lavender in, sew a simple hat and add lovely bright orange hair....this little witch will cast a smiling spell on you! 

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