Wednesday, November 19, 2008

our origins.

there once was a little dutch girl with curly blonde hair, a tiny little button nose, green eyes, perky little cheeks and a huge smile. she was sweet and giggley and rather enthusiastic about things. her mother nicknamed her pollika, not knowing herself where the name came from only that it was something that you called a little girl. similar to beetlejuice, or pumpkin, just a simple pet name. but now it is so much more.

the daughter grew older though her nickname never went away, no matter how old or how grown up she would ever be, she would never be less of a pollika. the people around her even began to get nicknames that rhymed with hers like mamake or noelleke.

the girls mother was an intelligent woman who could make something quite extraordinary out of whatever she dabbled in. little did she know the day she would pick up her knitting needles again would change everything. soon what started as something her grandmother had shown as a girl became a wonderful gift and creative outlet. she felt as though she was doing what she was meant to do when she would knit. create beautiful, unique pieces, each showing different sides of her multifaceted personality, each testing her in different ways and always making beautiful gifts for those whom she loved dearly.

the mother was a great teacher to all those around her especially her daughter, and honestly believed that if you do what you love, your love for your life will take care of you. that your love will conquer all. the strong mother decided that it was time for her to start living in what she loved, and invited her pollika to go into business with her, together they were going to build something truly special and off mama went to colonge, germany to a knit and fibre show to find something fantastic that she could build her business around. but before she left the company needed a name. the family thought, what should we name the business? and somehow it surfaced like it had been there all along, pollika, the name of her baby. the name she loved and the girl felt loved in.

upon her arrival home her excitement was contagious, she had found the most fabulous shawl pins and buttons unlike anything she had ever seen and knew that this was going to be something huge for many inspired knitters. with nothing but shawl pins and buttons, a name and a belief, the team embarked on creating something authentic to their loves. that's us. heart, soul and shawl pin.

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Lesley & Tina are proud to be the North American distributors for Yarnundyed, Knitglobal Yarn, Swiss designed high quality handmade shawl pins, De Witte Engel felt products and Dutch manufactured buttons. Our luxurious natural fibers and highest quality accessories are beautiful to work with and create artful treasured legacies. We share stories and pictures of projects we created and experiences we have with are so beloved products!

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Imagine a day at work where you surround yourself with unique Swiss designed shawl pins, gorgeous buttons created in Holland, oh so precious yarns from the UK, and fabulous high quality felt and felting accessories, plus wonderfully, eclectic, full of life and spirit fibre artists. Knitting, felting and crochet it happens all in Pollika’s world. Just so you know English is my second language, here and there my fast thinking brain cells get confused and infected with my first language: Dutch. So, most posts are going to be written in ‘Denglish’. The will be accompanied by Lesley’s photography talent, that likes me to believe they will be clear, inspiring and bring a smile to your face! We welcome your comments! Tina